Eone – The extraordinary timepiece

Do you know this one?  “What’s the difference between watch and timepiece? ……………. About $3’000!”  

Yes, nowadays the archaic word ‘timepiece‘ makes a major comeback. We see it in the watch magazines, we have sales guys in posh stores trying to sell us their timepieces and we wonder where did the watch go?  People either recognize it as a snobby way to call watch or those, who are bit more familiar with the watch industry, understand it as a timekeeping instrument crafted by hand to the perfection, often with an outstanding mechanism (just admire this Richard Mille’s tourbillon watch movement .. oh, and forget the $3k rule here!!) 

Well, there is a bit more into that. After discovering Eone brand I suddenly perceive another, more profound  difference between watch and timepiece… watch implies that you have to watch it in order to tell the time. In other words, it requires you to have good or good enough vision. But what about vision impaired and blind people? They cannot watch the watch!

Enters Eone timepiece!

Eone is a brand whose mission is to create fashionable products for everyone. That is for EveryONE.

design-bradley-detail2Their debut product – The Bradley Timepiece – was created to accommodate both sighted and vision impaired users. We not only see the time, we touch the time. The idea behind this instrument is brilliant, yet so simple: time is indicated by two ball bearings, one indicating the minutes (top) and the other one the hours (side). 

And why Bradley? Inspired and named after Brad Snyder, ex-naval officer who lost his eyesight in an explosion in Afghanistan, gold and silver medal winner from 2012 Paralympics in London. 

It is my husband, major watch aficionado, who discovered and talked to me about this timepiece. Of course I couldn’t resist and got one… and I love it!! It took me some time to learn to tell the time on it (trying to look cool touching my watch but then baffled checked my mobile, haha!) but it is only question of practice🙂  

For over $300 it is not really a cheap accessory, I consider it rather a statement and encouragement. Financial encouragement to a brand with revolutionary product and a noble mission and statement to the world, that we can and should work on breaking through the limitations around us.

“Because telling time shouldn’t require sight” inspired by Brad Snyder.

Starting a blog

So here I am, the decision was made and I am joining the new trend – blogging. 

starting a blogSomething which I thought to do just for fun quickly became a major test of my patience and determination.

After long and even longer period spent figuring out what to actually blog about I came to conclusion that as I am not an expert in any domain  (my cooking is average, my parenting style is questionable and as fashionista I would fail miserably) I should do what I need to do for myself… get things off my chest and connect with other likeminded people. 

Being (sort of) clear on the content there was next step – the name. This was whole another adventure and for anyone interested in blogging there is a tip: I suggest you not to spend too much time going for the best possible name because it is most probably already taken!

But who knew that my Mount Everest will be setting up the blog on wordpress. I am not a total illiterate when it comes to creating websites but wordpress brought me down to my knees. Figuring out how to set up the blog so I have pages and blog posts nicely organised to categories and appearing neatly in my menu seemed to be beyond my capacities. I think here is a good business idea – a blogger’s technical support! I mean it! I was desperate enough to be ready to pay someone to help me out! Luckily the local community of bloggers seem to be super friendly and helpful and one good soul came to my rescue (thank you Olga! @ Milk, crafts and honesty).

Ready – Steady – Go!

So I’ve done it! It is all ready, days go by and my blog is still empty. I find myself too shy to write and publish. I am back to square one, trying to convince myself why is it good for me to blog? I read that blogging helps you think more structured way, speak more coherently and write more clearly; it apparently boosts your confidence and challenges you on many levels (right on spot here!) and some bloggers make their living like this (aiming for the stars, aren’t we?!) 

To be honest, my main block is my fear of failure.. blogging is about finding audience interested in what you have to say. It is about voicing your opinion and daring to be wrong or make mistakes. And these are my main challenges also in my day-to-day life and it is about time to confront them!

Did you know there is about 172’800 blogs created each day? That makes it two blogs a second.

What about you? Do you have your blog already? Are you thinking of having one?